Jake Paul calls out KSI for short-notice boxing match in August; KSI responds

Jake Paul calls out KSI for short-notice boxing match in August; KSI responds

Jake Paul was unable to face Hasim Rahman Jr. as planned, but was still looking to step back in the ring after one of his brother’s old opponents needed a fight on short notice.

On Saturday, Paul called out fellow YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI, who has a win over Logan Paul, after their upcoming fight was canceled due to a concussion suffered by Alex Wassabi. Paul called for the fight and also agreed to the weight requirements and named KSI as the ‘A’ side in the matchup in hopes that they could meet on August 27.

“I heard that Alex is out due to a concussion. fuck it This was a great opportunity for Alex. He will be back,” Paul wrote on Twitter.

“KSI…everything happens for a reason. I’m going to fight in your hometown. Your boxing company. You are from side A. I also agree to make £180 by August 27th. Do you accept?”

Paul went on to take aim at KSI in a series of posts and also offered a prediction as to why he didn’t think the fight would actually happen in a few weeks.

“KSI Answer Prediction: I agree lol I’ll fuck Jake Paul lol. He needs me hahahaha,” Paul wrote. “BUT my team told me I should wait to make this a great event. Bla bla bla.

“KSI and the little misfits struggle to find the perfect answer.”

Paul then added that his manager claimed that KSI would take the fight, but only if “The Problem Child” agreed to compete for free with his opponent and get all the proceeds from the event.

“I said hurry up and send me the contract,” Paul wrote.

In response, KSI said that after Wassabi pulled out of the fight, his team had already contacted another opponent to step in and face him at short notice in August.

Paul scoffed at those claims and offered to pay the opponent a fee so he could finally secure the matchup with KSI.

In the end, KSI said that he was happy to accept the fight against Paul, but not on August 27.

“We will fight on my terms and when we do, it will be on the biggest stage,” KSI wrote. “I’m talking about the Wembley Stadium family. With an entire camp tailor-made just for you and me, so there are no excuses when we fight. None of this Jake Paul short notice shit.”

Paul ended his tirade directed at KSI by calling his response “officially the greatest duck of all time.”

Of course, the rivalry between Paul and KSI goes beyond the boxing matches that have taken place with Logan Paul in the past.

On the night that KSI tied Logan in an amateur boxing match, Jake Paul fought Deji Olatunji, who is KSI’s younger brother. Paul pummeled Olatunji with punches to earn a fifth-round TKO in what served as the only amateur fight of his career before turning pro, where he has posted a 5-0 record thus far.

Judging from the interaction on social media, Paul may have found a new opponent after Rahman and Tommy Fury failed to face him in August, but it doesn’t look like he’ll get his wish to compete before the end of the month.

To update: Paul issued another update on social media later on Saturday.

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