Eagles 2022 training camp practice notes, Day 6: Dominant defense

Eagles 2022 training camp practice notes, Day 6: Dominant defense

Day 6 of the 2022 Philadelphia Eagles training camp is in the books, and it was seriously hot today. It was also the longest practice of the camp so far, about an hour and 45 minutes. Let’s go straight to the notes.

• The Eagles had a bunch of new injuries to report today, so we should probably start there. These are the ones who did not participate:

  1. Calcaterra Scholarship – hamstring
  2. Andre Dillard – concussion
  3. Jordan Mailata – concussion
  4. Mac McCain – knee
  5. devonta smith – groin
  6. greg room – Toe

The LT1 and LT2 suffered a concussion in the same practice on Tuesday. Le’Raven Clark he got representatives of the first team in LT in his absences. More on that in a moment.

• The Eagles’ defense dominated Thursday, particularly at 11-on-11. Part of that was because the pass rush was coming home fast, and part of that was because the defense was making legitimately good plays all over the field. . Jalen hurts It wasn’t bad, necessarily, but it also couldn’t really make the passing game work. Sometimes when the defense is stifling, you need your quarterback to make some plays anyway, and Hurts didn’t do that today.

As a disclaimer, I didn’t see 7-on-7 as you have to choose between those and OL-DL 1-on-1 some days. I chose the OL-DL 1-on-1s, as always. That said, multiple reporters noted that Hurts ran off on some of his 7-on-7 reps. Ideally, the quarterback can leave guys open in that environment. You don’t want them to pull it down and get going. It should be an offense-dominated drill.

Hurts Verdict: Again, not that Hurts made any terrible pitches or decisions, but today there can only be a stock drop based on the rare positive results. 📉

• Today was the most physical practice of the camp so far.

  1. marcus epps Ready boston scott after Scott made an 11-on-11 red zone catch.
  2. Unrecruited Rookie Security cane coverage had his second good camp hit on an undrafted running back Kennedy Brooks.
  3. TJ Edwards Y Shaun Bradley they stood out as physical presences in the middle of the defense. Edwards also had a dive pass break today. I think he was already a good player, but he has made a substantial jump this year and is still the best linebacker on the team.

• Offensive play of the day came through third quarterback Reid Sinnett. Initially, he had nothing open, and as the pocket was closing around him, he entered the pocket and then ran to the left, keeping his eyes on the field. he finally found Keric Wheatfall along the left sideline and threw a 20-yard strike while running to his left. Sinnett also threw the money to Great Britain Covey on a TD incline route in the red zone.

Sinnett hasn’t even gotten many reps and has managed to stand out.

• Speaking of Great Britain Covey, had his best day of camping yet working out of the slot. He was very active today, gobbling up the defense from the third row. I wouldn’t mind seeing Covey get some reps with the first- and second-team offenses to see what he can do.

• One of the funniest regular matchups this camp has ever seen. Quez Watkins against avonte maddox. They both got their wins, but Maddox shone today and had some impressively sticky coverage on a double move from Quez in the red zone.

Cam Jurgens for a really nice stamp block on jordan davis in a goal line situation. It opened a hole big enough for Kenny Gainwell pass for a touchdown. Jurgens is good.

• Featured 1 to 1 OL/DL

  1. Le’Raven Clark had a very rough day. He was repeatedly beaten 11v11, playing both LT and RT. josh sweat he had his way with Clark, and patrick johnson hit him for a sack. During the 1v1s, Clark was soundly beaten by an international roster exemption player matthew leo.
  2. Landon Dickerson won his reps against Javon Hargrave on Monday, and Hargrave won his against Dickerson on Tuesday. On Thursday, Hargrave broke the tie with a win over Dickerson.
  3. Poor Jack Driscoll he has to face a very motivated person Brandon Graham every day, and there has been no competition. BG has consistently trashed Driscoll.

Arryn Sipos he made some punts today, with the line of scrimmage at the 50-yard line. In other words, today he was making a “dunk ’em deep” directional punt. We already know he can do that. What he worries about is the “explosion” takeoff. I’ll report back when we see something like that.

• Throughout training camp, I’ll have occasional one-on-one interviews with other Eagles rhythm writers while the players stretch and do other boring things. Today I exchanged embarrassing stories with fran duffy. Oh, and here’s the iTunes link. Check, subscribe, etc.

Within those interviews with beat writers, I ask each writer four different questions:

  1. What will the Eagles’ record be in 2022?
  2. Will they make the playoffs?
  3. Will they win any playoff games, if so?
  4. Will Jalen Hurts be the starting quarterback in 2023?

The predictions so far:

Writer Record playoffs Win the playoffs? Does it hurt in 2023?
7/27: Eliot Shorr-Parks, WIP 10-7 Yes None Yes
7/29: Jeff McLane, Investigator 10-7 Yes None Nope
7/30: Bo Wulf, Atletico 11-6 Yes A victory, over the vikings Yes
2/8: Les Bowen, NJ.com 11-6 Yes A win, over the 49ers Undecided
8/4: Fran Duffy, Eagles 17-0 Yes yes, unspecified Yes

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