Khamzat Chimaev tells ‘skinny boy’ Nate Diaz to ‘just show up’ for UFC 279: ‘I’m going to show who’s the gangster’

Khamzat Chimaev tells ‘skinny boy’ Nate Diaz to ‘just show up’ for UFC 279: ‘I’m going to show who’s the gangster’

Khamzat Chimaev has a chance to take down a UFC legend in front of him. He now he just has to make sure that said legend appears.

The undefeated welterweight, who currently ranks third in the global MMA Fighting rankings at 170 pounds, is set to fight Nate Diaz in the main event of UFC 279 on September 10 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Since 2013, Diaz has made just eight Octagon appearances, with his most recent, a unanimous decision loss to Leon Edwards at UFC 263 in June 2021, being his first fight in 19 months after several unsuccessful matchups. So one can understand if Chimaev is skeptical that the fight will take place.

“I still don’t think that guy is going to come and show up,” Chimaev said in MMA time. “That skinny boy. We’ll see what’s going on. I’m just waiting for September 10, no matter who. if he wants to fight [185 pounds], then we can do that… just show up. i can fight [at 185 or 205 pounds]no matter.”

Adding more intrigue to the contest is the fact that the UFC 279 headliner marks the last fight on Diaz’s current contract. The Stockton, Calif., star’s future is unclear, but he has asked the UFC to release him on multiple occasions, so it’s entirely possible that Diaz will end his 15-year relationship with the promotion soon.

That narrative doesn’t mean much to Chimaev, who plans to approach this like he has in all of his previous fights. However, he is amused by the idea of ​​putting a dent in Diaz’s infamous personality.

“For me, it doesn’t really matter,” Chimaev said. “If they give me Kamaru Usman, I will do the same. For me, it doesn’t matter. The guy just fights and fights. He is still dangerous. He fights until the last second, and I am happy that he is fighting me.

“He’s one of the legends, like everyone saying, ‘gangster, gangster.’ I will show who is the gangster. As I said before, we are from Chechnya, we grow [with] war, and we eat mobsters for breakfast.”

Chimaev is a heavy favorite heading into the contest, largely due to his 11-0 record, which includes 10 finishes and a recent win over top welterweight contender Gilbert Burns. On paper, Diaz is receding from the competition given that he has won just one fight since 2016. But Chimaev hopes to share the cage with a fighter he has long admired.

“When my manager told me that he was ready, I said that it was fine, that it was perfect for us,” Chimaev said. “Make money, make good names, the guy is dating. Nate said he didn’t like me. … I like that guy, I grew up with him.

“I was in school when he was fighting in the UFC. It’s amazing to fight that guy, and I like it because for me, the UFC, when I was young, was like the movies. Like, I’m not going to get there, I’m just going to see it.

“Now, I fight with the guys I was watching. American guys, from Chechnya I saw you. Now, I fight with them.”

Coming off the first decision win of his career, Chimaev doesn’t expect to go far when he fights Diaz. This is the first fight scheduled for five rounds in Chimaev’s career. He plans to do what he usually does and be the fourth fighter to stop Diaz.

“I just go in and smash his face,” Chimaev said. “If we hit, I knock him out, and if we go down, I submit him or break his face, I make him hit. We’ll see, whatever, I don’t care. I don’t have a game plan and shit. I don’t ask my trainers, I never talk about what I’m going to do in the fight. I only train what my coach said in my training. When we train, if he says, ‘take him down,’ I take him down, if he says, ‘jab, move,’ I do these things, I listen to him.

“Then I go to the fight and I do the exact same thing I did in sparring, and sometimes it’s take him down, submit him. So I understand that I also have to do it in the cage when I come to the fight. This is my game plan, but you don’t see me, like, ‘Oh, he does this, he does that, he hits like this and this shit. I don’t believe in the game plan or this shit. You fight like you fight.”

“One round, two rounds,” Chimaev said of his prediction for when the fight will end. “We’ll see.”

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